Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello you fantastic lovers of all things pretty:)

I know that it has been forever... again. I decided something today. I will do everything I need to do immediately. I will not be putting it off. I waste so much time thinking of what needs to be done instead of just doing it and spending my time living my ridiculously rich life!!!! I could then focus on all that I want to do, rather that what I have to do. That brings me to what I want to do, rather what I am going to do with my life.

1. I will have 1 million times the amount of money I have in the bank in 4 years. I will:)

2. I will wear the Stretsis strapless gold and brown dress with the orange flower on it to the wedding that Fred and I are going to in Vegas next week.

3. I will give so much to charity without ever telling anyone that I am.

4. I will wear the new Le Bardot dress to Betsy's party tonight.

5. I will love Fred, my mom , dad, friends, family, George and employees always and forever. I will also be very good to them all.

6. I will wear the new Goldie stripe top with the Unknown Factory jean shorts biking down at the beach.

7. I will have a family of my own and be the best at it:)

8. I will have the Bleu island, Bleu jet and everything else I want with closets and closets filled with all of our pretty things:) No worries, I love sharing.

9. I will be gentle with every heart, protect every angel, and be the very best I can be all while I am living the life I want to live and wearing exactly what I want to wear.


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