Friday, December 12, 2008

I couldn't ask for a better job....

Alright (She starts off with a happy sigh)…Blogging, blogging, blogging.

Anyways I want to talk about how much I love my job.

10:42 on Thursday night…. I was supposed to go out with my girlfriend Lindsay, who I actually met through the store, or maybe my other girlfriend Emily who I also met through the store. But I was exhausted because I was busy with my clients today (who are also my friends). Isn’t that cool? That’s really one of the main reasons I love my job so much. I have the most incredible people who shop in my store, who honestly become really good friends that I really value.They’re my clients, if we don’t end up going out for cocktails or going out for dinner, I value them as well. Even though with some of them, we may not have as intimate relationship, I really think they are just unbelievable people.

Leslie, one of my clients, who has been a client for years….she’s so darling. She works for Studio, and she’s just so cute… She really made it fun today. She was in shopping for her friend, actually selling to her friend who lives in Utah. She really cared what her friend looked like, and ended up sending her a few sweaters. I just thought it was so cute, and she works for a Studio, it’s not even her job. It’s not her gig, she’s not a sales girl. She hasn’t been shopping this year, but today she got some fantastic pieces to integrate into her wardrobe, that will honestly make it all brand new. She got this fantastic Modern Amusement blazer, that is such a great price and it’s so beautiful on. She also had on this stunning 3.1 purple rhinestone top- that I’m mad for. Her third piece was this cropped Autumn Cashmere 50’s style sweater with the ruffled collar. It’s breath taking, I’ve got it two colors—and I’m mad for it! Everything looked beautiful, and it will just freshen up entire wardrobe.

Another one of my clients Jessica, who I swear has been my customer for probably 8 years, maybe even 9…but since she moved out here…and she’s so darling. Anyways Jessica is a writer and is absolutely beautiful as well…. She also hasn’t been shopping a lot this year. But she came in and got some fantastic pieces, to put in her wardrobe, mix them all up and make it look beautiful. She got this great purple Geren Ford dress/ tunic…well you can wear it as a tunic, but I would wear it as a dress and Jess is wearing it as a dress. She has this silvered metallic Autumn Cashmere cardigan that is wonderful and it looked gorgeous over it. She got these navy cropped Elizabeth and James cigarette pants, well not cropped, but right to the ankle. She got this fantastic button down white Vince shirt to wear with the pants…. Oh and she got this ridiculously gorgeous strapless black Mason dress. That is uber sexy. And again she can wear the cardigan with the Vince blouse underneath it, it looks awesome.

There were a couple other pieces that right now I can’t remember for the life of me….

Anyways I just enjoyed spending time with them so much, and I really loved helping them freshening up their wardrobe. They were excited and I was excited…. They were just so lovely. You really couldn’t ask for better people; and that’s what I get to do every day. I get to go play dress up and dress other people up who love getting dressed up.

What a fun job, huh? ???

Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously.... lighten up!

Hi Guys it’s me…

Bethany is going to post a picture of herself, and I’m going to talk about her because she is the website manager, and she’s isn’t making me blog. What do you think? So now, we’re posting a picture of her… because I’m the boss, and I’m calling that rule. Now she’ll remember to make me blog.

I am talking to you about our Mailer. We send out a mailer every couple weeks to our website and in store customers, about our website and new products… this week was really funny. We got a bunch of laughs and that’s what makes it worth it for all of us. It’s not even about the orders… we just like making fun of ourselves, making fun of celebrities, making fun of fashion… making fun of it all… because we all take ourselves a little bit too seriously (and it’s fun to laugh at ourselves).


The clothes are fabulous in the blog. I was “Diva Mendes”, and “Sophie” our mannequin always beats us, because she’s a rockstar and we’re not. Anyways, I was Diva Mendes and I was wearing a Mason dress, Luciano Padovan shoes, and an Andrea Gutierrez necklace. I actually own all three pieces and I love all three. We showed you how Sophie can wear it with a button down blouse underneath and booties. If I were actually dressing a customer, I’d probably put it with a pair of textured tights or maybe a shiny pair of leggings, something super cute! The white blouse makes it so serious, I would just funk it up a little bit.

Next, on “Khianna”, our very own Kianna (her real name is Kianna) which just happened to rhyme with Rhianna. She’s wearing our fantastic Development jacket, this leather jacket that I love so much, and Luciano Padovan suede boots. (Everything by Luciano Padovan is obscenely comfortable, they ROCK!) We also just got a bunch new Gold Sign jeans, which are so cute because their new pockets are amazing. Kianna is also in Gold Signs and our sunglasses by Sophia Kokosolaki, along with our 3.1 Phillip Lim purse. (Which I love). It’s pony, it’s rad, it’s hot. Sophie is wearing the same glasses as Kianna, with the same suede boots, paired with the dress by Na-Be. This is the fashion created by Victoria Hong from Project Runway. She wasn’t my favorite on the show, I think she had a bit of an attitude but I do love her designs and taste in fashion.

Then next was Pamela, that’s my store manager, she’s my right hand person. Pamela Lin as actress “Laney Liu” at the “Bleu Angels” premiere. She’s wearing a white one shoulder top Black Halo top that I own and I love love love. I actually just wore it to Maestro’s the other night. I wore it with a high waisted Black Halo skirt (which we have in the store also). I paired it with the new Luciano Padovans , that I was wearing as Diva Mendes. I swear to you I got stopped 20 times, I’m not exaggerating. It’s pretty fabulous.

So she’s wearing that top with a black Catherine Malandrino pencil skirt, and black Luciano Padovans. (The most comfortable, most sexy shoes ever). Our Sophie, who’s leaving Club Bleu is wearing the same shirt, with the new Gold Sign jeans, Luciano Padovan shoes… with the new Linea Pelle belt and bag. We just got a huge shipment of Linea Pelle, we got the purses and belts and they rock, they are amazing. Plus they’re already selling out rapidly, so stop by or check em’ out online.

Last but not least… which I just can’t handle how much I love the coffee cup in “Terri Tate Olsen’s” hands (you know who we’re talking about….she looks just like her)…. She’s wearing a gorgeous 3.1 Phillip Lim shirt, (one of my best friends Nancy just got it today) it’s so amazing, it’s sheer in the back. Really it’s gorgeous. Along with this fantastic faux fur Charlotte Ronson vest, that is super inexpensive for what it is, and LnA really shiny leggings. They are so flattering they suck everything in! Any fat days, suck it in., go buy them. Don’t worry about the risk, they’re super flattering and sexy! Also she’s wearing the grey suede lace up Dolce Vita shoes and the large black leather Martine Sitbon bag . Sophie is in the same top, with the Elizabeth & James cropped blazer (which I think pretty much almost sold out, we may have one size left), with Ya Ya (Aflalo) trousers….which aren’t as wide leg as they are on Sophie…. And Luciano Padovan peeptoes.

We laugh at ourselves, we have no problem if you laugh at us… we just have so much fun doing it and we hope you all enjoy it.

Bye for now