Thursday, September 9, 2010

Im in the business of selling clothes. I know nothing of a reccession.

August was rad :) What Recession????

I'm in the business of selling clothes, I know nothing of a recession. :)))

You can quote me on that. I think that should be the frame of mind from here on out. It works. If your normal is bad, than that will be your normal. If you decide that you’re normal is a beautiful, positive, amazing and magical than that is what it is. No joke. Wake up smell the roses please. They smell sooooooo good.

Life is so much better when you make that decision. It is, I swear. If you can’t seem to find them we will help you!!! We (my amazing employees and I) are so good at making you happy and prettier than ever. I also must give my designers so much credit for making you more beautiful than you have ever been before!!!! I am crazier about this fall than I have ever been. It’s amazing.

The yummiest sweaters you have ever seen by Camilla and Marc, Nicholas K and so many more.

Awesome cargo jeans from Current Elliot, great skinny cigarette jeans from Elizabeth and James, some of the foxiest dresses from Sea NY, the coolest collection ever from NSF, hippie chic + sequence from Of Two Minds, the best t-shirts ever from 291 Venice just to mention a few of my favorite things. Geren Ford Boots that zip off to be 4, yes you heard me, 4 different lengths!!!!!

If you’re not into antidepressants (I'm not) then we can be your Prozac. Clothes have and always will be my pick me up. The very best Pick Me Up a die hard fashion freak could ever ask for.

Kisses to you until the next time you come in and let us make you happy.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Bleu Clothing Block Party Saturday!!

Sangria, shopping, and Lee's Philly Sandwiches!!!!
The gourmet sandwich truck will be here Saturday 7/17/10 from 12 noon to 5pm!
Come on by and say hello :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Food Trucks

We have not had a a restaurant next to my LA store for 20 months now!!! I have bugged my landlord to no end. Its not for a lack of amazing restauranteurs trying to get in the space. I have no idea what is taking so long, but I have had, without a doubt, enough waiting!!!!! I'm over waiting for it. So you know what a girl who is being asked to be patient long after her patience has run out does???? We call in the food trucks!!!!!!!!! We are starting it this Saturday. We will be putting tables and chairs in front of Bleu and Color Me Mine for people to hang out. Bleu serves Sangria, wine, and Champagne all day on Saturdays so now we will also have lunch. This Saturday will be a company called No Reservations. They do Hot Wraps. Here is their menu. Take a look. Come by this Saturday for Pretty, pretty clothing, Hot wraps, a Mrs. Roper, and some Sangria. See you then.
454 S. La Brea Ave. LA, Ca. 90036.

Love, Light and a ton of kisses all over your face

Mrs. Roper

MRS ROPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love her:) Her numbers are 2-3-5, she is a legend, she was married to Stanley, she wears amazing jewelry, she is like a mother to Jack, She has the patience of a saint, She gets to wear a caftan every single day of the week, and she is mine... I own them, I make them, I design them and I love them soooo. A dress that can be a shirt, gown, mini, halter, strapless, worn with shorts, worn for a black tie event, worn over pants for any occasion any day of the week!!!!!
It is so much fun to build.. I build every day. Complacent is not a word that I have much of a relationship with. I need something new everyday. I started the Mrs. Roper line last summer. I worked super hard on it, sold hundreds of them in the stores,had some not so pleasant experiences with the women making them and burned out. Mrs. Roper found me again this summer, like any good stalker would. She came back bigger and better and I am so thrilled that she is persistent. I have had incredible feed back. I hope you like them too. Please let me know.
Love you mad.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello you fantastic lovers of all things pretty:)

I know that it has been forever... again. I decided something today. I will do everything I need to do immediately. I will not be putting it off. I waste so much time thinking of what needs to be done instead of just doing it and spending my time living my ridiculously rich life!!!! I could then focus on all that I want to do, rather that what I have to do. That brings me to what I want to do, rather what I am going to do with my life.

1. I will have 1 million times the amount of money I have in the bank in 4 years. I will:)

2. I will wear the Stretsis strapless gold and brown dress with the orange flower on it to the wedding that Fred and I are going to in Vegas next week.

3. I will give so much to charity without ever telling anyone that I am.

4. I will wear the new Le Bardot dress to Betsy's party tonight.

5. I will love Fred, my mom , dad, friends, family, George and employees always and forever. I will also be very good to them all.

6. I will wear the new Goldie stripe top with the Unknown Factory jean shorts biking down at the beach.

7. I will have a family of my own and be the best at it:)

8. I will have the Bleu island, Bleu jet and everything else I want with closets and closets filled with all of our pretty things:) No worries, I love sharing.

9. I will be gentle with every heart, protect every angel, and be the very best I can be all while I am living the life I want to live and wearing exactly what I want to wear.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

So today is Kristen's first day!!!!! She is a great girl, very cute style, fun, and easy to be around. I think you will all like her. She has a knack for retail. You're probably asking what is a "knack for retail?"... Well number one you need to be good at it. I have to tell you, its not easy. Very few are very good at it. We are training her right now. It made me think of what separates us from everyone else and why we are so good at what we do. First off, everyone who works here needs to love fashion. Second, they need to love people and must be genuinely interested in knowing our clients, what they like, what they are not fans of, etc. Third, they must know how to size someone up when they walk through our doors and see their style. They do not try to project their personal style onto their client. They must know how to talk to someone honestly about what looks great on them, but also have the ability to tell someone that something does not look so hot:. Yeah, that's tough, but a must at Bleu. Just because that beautiful 3.1 Phillip Lim navy sequined dress is stunning,

does NOT mean that its going to be stunning on you. The Camilla and Marc gray strapless may be too tight.

Someone good will put her client in the Of Two Minds ivory crochet dress instead , which is sexy in a different way and everyone will be happy:)

My friend Cathy, who is a music manager, was in here today shopping for " road clothes". Definition of road clothes: Comfortable clothing that you can pack and unpack daily. You must be able to get in and out of airports quickly, keep your client happy and unaffected at all times. You must be able to wear a suitcase full of clothing for a straight month and not hate how you look after week 2 . Kristen got it immediately and helped me pull Cathy some perfect "road outfits". She bought a Nicholas K. striped shirt dress(It will be worn over leggings for the road),

a gray Graham and Spencer shirt dress that again is easy to pack will look good 5 wears in and is so cute that she most likely will not want to burn it when she gets home. Last she bought this fantastic lamb black shirt dress(sold out)

that can be worn for anything from flights, to dinner in Amsterdam after her clients concert. So yes, Kristen seems to have those things down. She also has a few good ideas already. That I love. I always want to hear new great ideas. We have been doing Sangria Saturdays for the past few weeks and they are a crazy hit!!!! Our customers love them. The energy has been so good in here. They instantly put everyone in a great mood. Kristen suggested Mimosa Sundays :) I love it. I think our clients will too. I am so proud to own my amazing stores with my amazing employees and fabulous clients. I honestly, very objectively can say that I never go to any other boutiques that have the customer service, the fun, the honesty, and the beautiful things that Bleu, Bleu Westlake Village, and provide our clients with.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you a entrepreneur...?

Hi my beauts...So I am a contributor to this great magazine that is launching this month. Its called Star Lee Magazine. It is a magazine for women entrepreneurs. I have been thinking about that word a ton lately:) ENTREPRENEUR. What is that? Can anyone be one? What makes someone an entrepreneur???? I think that it's anyone that has the drive and the courage to follow a dream and start up a company no matter what the size. One of my employees, Ashley, owns her own jewelry line. She sells like mad. It is one of our strongest collections here at the store. She is 22 years old!!!! Kianna, another one of my employees, has had a bathing suit line for 2 years. She sells out every season. I opened my own store at 23 years old. Is it easier to be risky at such a young age? Are you willing to take the leap and do it? Or are we just plain dumb and lucky??? I think that it is a combination of all of them, but what I really think sets an entrepreneur apart from an employee of a company(even if its your own co.) is the willingness to work. I mean going above and beyond what the average person would do. Doing it when you absolutely do not feel like doing it. Working on days off, putting in 7 extra hours a day, not taking a lunch break, realizing that there ARE enough hours in a day, loving what you are doing and never resenting it. There are so many other reasons why someone should or could be called an entrepreneur, but I think it really begins there. The willingness to do whatever it takes for your company, and doing it with a very big smile.

I would like to mention some of the women that I think do just that. Go above and beyond for their companies.

1. Michelle Mason

2. Geren Ford

3. Christina Tang of Kova and T

4.Anna Sui

5.Charloette Ronson

6. Mara Hoffman

7.Stacey Bendet of Alice and Olivia

And soooo many more!

Please sign up for a free subscription to StarLee Magazine at www.starleemagazine/free.html