Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Food Trucks

We have not had a a restaurant next to my LA store for 20 months now!!! I have bugged my landlord to no end. Its not for a lack of amazing restauranteurs trying to get in the space. I have no idea what is taking so long, but I have had, without a doubt, enough waiting!!!!! I'm over waiting for it. So you know what a girl who is being asked to be patient long after her patience has run out does???? We call in the food trucks!!!!!!!!! We are starting it this Saturday. We will be putting tables and chairs in front of Bleu and Color Me Mine for people to hang out. Bleu serves Sangria, wine, and Champagne all day on Saturdays so now we will also have lunch. This Saturday will be a company called No Reservations. They do Hot Wraps. Here is their menu. Take a look. Come by this Saturday for Pretty, pretty clothing, Hot wraps, a Mrs. Roper, and some Sangria. See you then.
454 S. La Brea Ave. LA, Ca. 90036.

Love, Light and a ton of kisses all over your face

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