Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you a entrepreneur...?

Hi my beauts...So I am a contributor to this great magazine that is launching this month. Its called Star Lee Magazine. It is a magazine for women entrepreneurs. I have been thinking about that word a ton lately:) ENTREPRENEUR. What is that? Can anyone be one? What makes someone an entrepreneur???? I think that it's anyone that has the drive and the courage to follow a dream and start up a company no matter what the size. One of my employees, Ashley, owns her own jewelry line. She sells like mad. It is one of our strongest collections here at the store. She is 22 years old!!!! Kianna, another one of my employees, has had a bathing suit line for 2 years. She sells out every season. I opened my own store at 23 years old. Is it easier to be risky at such a young age? Are you willing to take the leap and do it? Or are we just plain dumb and lucky??? I think that it is a combination of all of them, but what I really think sets an entrepreneur apart from an employee of a company(even if its your own co.) is the willingness to work. I mean going above and beyond what the average person would do. Doing it when you absolutely do not feel like doing it. Working on days off, putting in 7 extra hours a day, not taking a lunch break, realizing that there ARE enough hours in a day, loving what you are doing and never resenting it. There are so many other reasons why someone should or could be called an entrepreneur, but I think it really begins there. The willingness to do whatever it takes for your company, and doing it with a very big smile.

I would like to mention some of the women that I think do just that. Go above and beyond for their companies.

1. Michelle Mason

2. Geren Ford

3. Christina Tang of Kova and T

4.Anna Sui

5.Charloette Ronson

6. Mara Hoffman

7.Stacey Bendet of Alice and Olivia

And soooo many more!

Please sign up for a free subscription to StarLee Magazine at www.starleemagazine/free.html

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Mrs. Robinson said...

Very good points, Gabrielle! I am looking forward to your next entry!