Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prom dresses make a come back!

So I’m looking at Bethany’s Blog, she’s blogging for Bleuclothing.com…and I’m staring at these dresses, and thinking “what do they remind me of?”
And then it hits me, they are totally early 90’s! The 90’s was a whole generation of…. Pretty, minimalist, simple, and yet very rich because it came right after the crazy 80’s.

The 80’s were all over the place, it was insanity then for fashion. Polka dots and stripes together, with lopsided hair cuts. Mascara on Boys and Flannels on Girls. Steel toed boots, worn with mini floral dresses, it was crazy, but fun fun fun. I mean come on, who didn’t rock that look? If you were cool, you’d rock that look. Then there was the nerdy look, which we’ll get into another time.

So looking at my pictures it reminded me of my prom. We dug the photos out for you!

Do not make fun of the hair… though it wasn’t very good for the environment….I can tell you that right now. So I’ve pulled out these prom pictures, and I’m laughing because my dress is basically the same as many of the dresses we have in the store now. Though, minus the velvet in June, I was sixteen years old- didn’t know that it wasn’t a great idea.

I just knew I liked the black. See also back then you didn’t have all the resources, I went to the fabric store myself, I designed the dress. I had this great dress maker who made it for me. She made me the muslin in grey….which is my worst color…. I maybe weighed a buck seven ( 107 lbs) and let me tell you…. I looked like a heffer when she put me is the muslin. I was devastated, and thought “Oh my god, I’m gonna be the ugly girl at prom”.

NOT! Didn’t happen! J It was foxy.

Anyways, so we’re looking at this thinking, it’s crazy… If you take girls from 1991 through 1998 and look at their prom dresses, they are going to look like dresses we’re selling right now in the store! Look at my Prom dress, take the velvet and the bow away, it’s just like this Mason mini dress we have right now. There’s a photo of me wearing it in one of the mailers.

Its crazy how fashion is constantly reminiscent of a generation 15 years before. Which brings me to the point, don’t throw out your favorite items. If you still fit in them and the fabric’s great, then hold on to them. As long as it’s not so specific to that year….like how certain fabrics are, just like a trend… … get rid of things don’t fit you anymore. Get rid of things that you wore to death. If you have really spectacular pieces – keep them! They’re gonna come back!

Things that I don’t get rid of in my closet….

I don’t get rid of my shorts.

I don’t get rid of a lot of my mini skirts because they always come back, and your fitted mini skirts are your fitted mini skirts, and your flared mini skirts are your flared mini skirts.

My evening gowns, I don’t really get rid of because they’re pretty classic.

I hold on to a lot of my dresses, but I’m such a dress freak. However I usually have to make room for new dresses…. So I end up giving even my favorite ones away. Plus I always have new favorites.

I just think it’s smart to look at the piece objectively that you have not worn to death, and it hasn’t been dry cleaned too many times, and you know that you fit in it… keep it! Totally just keep it!

I believe every season you need new denim and new sweaters. I think dresses you can keep. Nothing’s worse than two year old denim. And I don’t mean to sound like a snob or anything… but when the rise is wrong, it’s wrong. It’s weird, it never looks chic…. I don’t care how foxy or fabulous you are…. For some reason if Low rise is in, and you’re wearing high high rise, you look like a goober. And when High high high is in and you’re wearing low low low, you’ll look trashy.

Throw out you’re old sweaters. Sweaters get worn, unless they’re really great and you didn’t really get a chance to wear them. But if you wore the heck out of them, and they’re not a sweater coat, or tight fitted cashmere--- just get rid of it… if you ended up wearing the heck out of it. They won’t look as pretty the next year. So the classic oversized Boyfriend sweater, in cashmere absolutely hold onto it…because it won’t loose it’s shape. Cashmere is pretty shapeless. It’s usually the more fitted black turtle necks or the red Vneck that you wore all season…. Just get rid of it. Get a new one next year.

Plus the dry cleaners will ruin them over time. I mean I go to a “chemical free” dry cleaners…. But do I really think it’s “chemical free”? Nah. That’s pretty questionable… I don’t know I’m not sure.

Anyways my point is, save your favorites, your evening gowns and classic pieces… and Maxi dresses. They always come back and they are great summer dresses. Spend money on good maxi dresses, because those yucky cotton ones that get all frayed and lint balls …after wearing them 3 times they look horrible. Spend some money. Mason makes great fabric. Her fabric is awesome and it doesn’t ball up or wear down. It looks pretty good season after season. Maxi dresses you can spend money on and save them for year after year…because every Summer you’re gonna be pulling out your maxi dress.

Have a good one my girls and my boys and girls who like to play with boys toys… and boys who like to play with girls dresses….


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