Thursday, October 9, 2008


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Hey guys,

I totally forgot that I told you that I would take a picture of me and my outfit today. (So I’m not the cutest that I’ve ever been.) Had I remembered I would have made myself super foxy for y’all but you know, you gotta take what you can get. You’re getting me not so foxy. In fact, you’re getting me in not last summer but the summer before Robert Rodriguez dress. It’s still hot here. How come the weather men never ever ever know what their talking about. Poor Dallas (Raines), now he’s not just orange, his hair is bad. We will show you a picture of that too.
Anyways, but that’s who we listen to our weather from so no wonder.

I don’t think he knows what’s going on these days.

Anyway, but I am wearing new shoes. They’re really super super cute Dolce Vita shoes.

They look Über expensive but their not. They’re totally inexpensive, they’re like a hundred something dollars ($174). Also, I’m wearing a beautiful beautiful black leather jacket from Veda. I am wearing two things from this Fall collection that I love. You guys have to check them out!

Black leather jacket from Veda, and grey suede Dolce Vita shoes. Super super cute!

We uploaded pictures of me. Basically the idea behind our photo comic, is that "decisions suck!"

I hate making decisions. If I could wear 19 things a day, I would wear 19 things a day. I really would. (Giggling in the background) There’s Bethany laughing in the background.

Oh just so all you all know, I just talk into a recorder, and someone transcribes everything I say into this blog. So a lot of times your just getting my thoughts, completely unedited thoughts, and then the girls just document it all; so its kind of crazy, I know. So not only are you getting my ideas what to buy for Spring, and what to design for my line, you're also in my brain. Which can be a little weird and clustered at times.

Anyhow, I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend and stay positive!
Don’t listen to the media, please stop listening to the media, stay positive... no fear!


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