Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bikini's in October??

It’s October 7th and its 95 degrees, so I have to summons my inspiration, because I’ll tell you right now I want to make bikinis, that’s it, bikinis. Little tiny itsy bitsy, no I don’t want polka dot bikinis, I want like funky fabulous bikinis with jewelry on them. Bikinis with belly chains and coins dripping on the side, but we are not going to talk about bikinis now we will talk about bikinis in the Spring.

It was 70 here on Saturday and I wore the most fantastic sweater dress. I swear Tis’ the Season of the sweater dress. We have better sweater dresses by more designers. I actually picked up more designers this season because of the brilliant sweater dresses out there. There were too many to choose from, and me being me, I don’t choose I just get them all.

If you looked in my shoe closet you would totally get it. I wore this fantastic sweater dress by Adam. Its navy blue and it’s so hard to explain because it will sound very tacky, but you should go online and look at it. It’s very tight, navy blue, little sweater dress, with these great flowers but the neckline is really wide open so it kind of falls off the shoulder. I’m going to photograph it the next time I wear it, or next time I wear something that’s fall.

It’s supposed to be 100 here tomorrow so again I’ll be thinking about bikinis and swimming pools and hotel pools. However, Thursday its suppose to be going down to the 70’s so I’ll be busting out something else and I will take a photograph of whatever I’m wearing and we’ll post it.

Go online and look at the navy blue sweater dress by Adam. I had mine shorten of course because that’s just who I am and what I like to do, but I actually shorten it for almost everybody except for one of my clients who is one of my best friends, Kathy, but she liked the length, its fabulous.

I’m loving all the jewel tones this year. Jewel tones aren’t my thing but they look good on so many people. They’re not my thing because I don’t love them, I do love them, I love them a lot. I don’t look good in them as most people do. Purples, greens, reds, navys, and these vibrant gorgeous blues. More like silvers, they’re fabulous and beautiful. If I could use one word to describe fashion this season I guess I would say rich, you know, like rich colors, rich fabrics. Just beautiful beautiful pretty pretty things.

Also, I am really into all the vests. I love vests. I just think they are so sexy if you wear them right. Your not suppose to wear them like the boys. Wear them like sexy girls. Some of them look fabulous with a buttoned down shirt, but I prefer more of doing a vest over a little mini dress, or doing a vest over a wife beater. You know wearing a vest with a little bit of an attitude.

Anyway that’s about it til tomorrow, maybe we won’t talk tomorrow it’s going to be too hot to talk. Maybe I’ll talk to you on Thursday, I will, Thursday, Thursday the 9th. Be there or be square!


Brittany Shae Cohen said...

gabby is so fabbbby!!!

Mrs. Robinson said...

I want to learn how to wear a sexy girly vest! With a bikini! At a hotel pool!