Thursday, September 9, 2010

Im in the business of selling clothes. I know nothing of a reccession.

August was rad :) What Recession????

I'm in the business of selling clothes, I know nothing of a recession. :)))

You can quote me on that. I think that should be the frame of mind from here on out. It works. If your normal is bad, than that will be your normal. If you decide that you’re normal is a beautiful, positive, amazing and magical than that is what it is. No joke. Wake up smell the roses please. They smell sooooooo good.

Life is so much better when you make that decision. It is, I swear. If you can’t seem to find them we will help you!!! We (my amazing employees and I) are so good at making you happy and prettier than ever. I also must give my designers so much credit for making you more beautiful than you have ever been before!!!! I am crazier about this fall than I have ever been. It’s amazing.

The yummiest sweaters you have ever seen by Camilla and Marc, Nicholas K and so many more.

Awesome cargo jeans from Current Elliot, great skinny cigarette jeans from Elizabeth and James, some of the foxiest dresses from Sea NY, the coolest collection ever from NSF, hippie chic + sequence from Of Two Minds, the best t-shirts ever from 291 Venice just to mention a few of my favorite things. Geren Ford Boots that zip off to be 4, yes you heard me, 4 different lengths!!!!!

If you’re not into antidepressants (I'm not) then we can be your Prozac. Clothes have and always will be my pick me up. The very best Pick Me Up a die hard fashion freak could ever ask for.

Kisses to you until the next time you come in and let us make you happy.


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