Thursday, September 25, 2008

Greetings friends...Welcome to my Blog !

Original blog date (Friday September 12th, 2008)

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my very first time blogging… my name is Gabrielle Zuccaro, and we are going to have an adventure.

I am starting a clothing line this year. I already have two great clothing stores; Bleu Clothing in LA that has been open since May of 1998 and one in Westlake Village that we opened last year… Almost exactly a year to the date. (I think it is a year today… Wow, that’s ironic.) Also a website

It’s so fantastic, I love it and am I’m here to share with you everything I do! I do management, I do sales, I do buying, I do cleaning, mopping, sewing, and now blogging. Everything, everything, everything and now I’m designing!

So we’re going to learn together. I am going to learn from you, you’re going to learn from me and I think it’s going to be exciting. So if you’re interested I would love to share with you everything I know…

I am leaving for New York tomorrow (to go to Market for Fashion Week) and I am going to show you everything I like. Everything from flying into Newark from Los Angeles instead of Leguardia or JFK, because the planes usually land on time and leave on time. Actually I usually land early which is super cool. If you fly into LaGuardia or JFK, you're always late and always stuck on a runway... so don’t ever do that when you’re flying into New York for Fashion Week or just for the shows.

I stay at the Maritime Hotel which is in the Meat Packing District. The reason I stay there, is because it’s super fun but it’s also centrally located. It’s right in the middle of everything; because when you’re in New York and you’re buying during fashion week, you have to go all over the place.( It’s not like the Los Angeles Market where you only go to one place) So you’re going Uptown, Downtown, Mid-town, Meat Packing district… all over the city. So I love staying in the Meat Packing district just because it’s really close to the shows, the Cotery, the showrooms, the designers and the agents in the trade shows.

I’m excited to share all those things with you and hopefully, together we’re going to find great new lines for Spring ’09. I am going to upload pictures and I would love to hear your feedback…I want to know what you guys think of everything I’m buying or thinking of buying.

Also, I would love to help you guys open a store, design a line, or start a website. I’ve been in this business since I was fourteen and it’s the only thing I know…It’s what I love, love, love!!! I would have been a great undercover agent but fashion got me first J

I could have been in the CIA, I would have been fantastic. I love dressing up in all those clothes, like ‘Alias” totally my thing, but I do play it every single day. Some days I wake up and think I want to be Norma Kamali ’88, other days I wake up I want to be Halston ’77.

Today I don’t know, but I’ll let you know… I’ll show you pictures…I’ll show you what we are wearing…and what we’re thinking of wearing… I’d love to hear your feedback and opinions. It’s nice meeting you and I’m looking forward to working with you!

Talk to you soon,


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